Power off
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Power off

Power off
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Dear reader, I completed three full months at Trust & Will.

Some of my best thinking in previous jobs as a lawyer was when I was stressed.

Smaller sample size, of course, but some of my best thinking at this job is when I am 100% not stressed. I get to ride the gentle wave into a magnificent, unhurried flow.

An example is in order.

I think back to my first job, preparing to argue a boundary dispute. I put so much time into research (a site visit to the alfalfa field!), writing, and preparing to say what I wanted to say to the judge, and I still did not get the result I wanted. I was frantic, relentless, and singularly focused on not screwing up. Yet, the judge favored the other side (who was petulant and had a bully lawyer, who threatened me in a deposition). I worked so hard, and I thought—even worried—so hard when I was not working. How could I fix it?

We still fell short.

I do not yet have the story of adversity here at my current job. Things, overwhelmingly, are positive. Not frantic, but chill. I suspect, though, a busy season is coming. I am rested and ready for it, even equipped.


Little moments, like taking a trip to a friend’s wedding and not taking my laptop because I am traveling on a workday. I power off when I am not on.

Your Honor, I rest.