The possibility of summer
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The possibility of summer

The possibility of summer
Photo by David Mullins / Unsplash

I am not a risk-taker.

I know and follow the rules. I generally took a path of least resistance through adolescence and young adulthood to only work at things that I thought I could excel at or, at least, be good enough not to be embarrassed.

What’s unfamiliar to me now is that I am comfortable taking calculated risks. For one, I joined a startup that I think has a reasonable shot at succeeding. Then, four months into this new role, we plan to list our house for sale without replacement housing lined up.

I write this from a hotel room, and I can only think how this (looking around) is the culmination of trusting myself and my partner. We make good decisions. Could we fail? Sure. Is there privilege in the opportunities we have? Absolutely. Should we take the adventure anyway? I cannot see why not.

The strangest part is getting to own our decisions and saying “Yes” when the opportunity arises. I am so very grateful for the work we have done, the growth that accompanies it, and the byproduct of wisdom. We made these recent decisions (a job change, a house sale) considering the downside yet were unworried by it.

This post is to say: we are selling our house. We can because, well, four months ago, we made a leap from safety and security in what we knew to something we did not. It was uncharted territory. We did not anticipate every follow-on consequence or benefit that this decision would have. How could we?

And yet, our stuff is already in storage, and we are staring down the open road. I hope for our kids an experience they will never forget. I hope we return and find the perfect house for us to settle into for years—may it be everything the tiny home we outgrew was.

To have the presence of mind of how precious this time is and to be able to seize it is possibly the most significant nonmonetary gift anyone has ever given us. Happy Trails to us.