Time I’ll never take back (intro)
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Time I’ll never take back (intro)

Time I’ll never take back (intro)
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At the risk of this being a travelogue, I’ll process thoughts from our trip. It was a big one, so I still have a lot to digest from it, many months removed from it.

First, I’ll tell you our route. Then, I’ll show you with maps.

In subsequent parts, I will share what I thought and felt about the trip (not just the what and where).

We started in San Antonio. We also started with our cats. Our cats hated the road, and our kids broke many things in the first rental. It was a very stressful way to kick things off.

But, after a loop back through Houston and East Texas, we were off to New Orleans, then Orange Beach, Alabama. We sold our house and signed the closing documents while in Marietta, Georgia, cementing our dedication to the open road ahead. From there, the next destination was Sumter, South Carolina.

We traveled to Richmond, Virginia, from Sumter. Next, we were in Philly (I wrote about that time already) and stopped outside New Haven, Connecticut, on our way to Lincoln, New Hampshire.

We spent a glorious month in New Hampshire. From there, we had side trips to Portland, Bar Harbor, and Acadia in Maine and stops in Burlington, Vermont. You can see that this was a trip up to the Northeast so far.

We finally headed west after two whole months on the road. We stayed overnight in Syracuse, New York, then drove to Buffalo with a stop at Niagara Falls before spending the night in Cleveland, Ohio. Then, after a brief stay in Buchanan, Michigan (we went to Trader Joe’s and got food in South Bend, Indiana), we saw Chicago, then rested in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Next up was Fargo, North Dakota. Then, after a long travel day, we stopped overnight in Billings, Montana, before resting in Cody, Wyoming. At last, we saw Yellowstone with the kids.

After an entire month of traveling west, we arrived in Portland, Oregon, after a stop in eastern Washington. At long last, after a month in Oregon, we started “home,” heading south to Mill Valley, California. Total time on the road to this point: five months.

Then, it was time to head east again. We stayed overnight in a motel in Needles, California. We planned on a trip to the Grand Canyon but abandoned that after reaching our limit on Airbnbs. So, instead of a scheduled stay in Flagstaff, Arizona, we drove to Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. Then, we did trick-or-treat with friends in Roswell, New Mexico, and signed the closing documents on our new house in East Texas at our friend’s dining room table.

After all this time, we journeyed back to Texas. First, we were in Dallas for a family visit, then we went to Houston to clear out our storage unit and move to our new house in East Texas. 169 days in all.

It was a fantastic trip with its share of lows and moments of anxiety. However, I can report we had no speeding tickets and only two parking tickets (you are welcome, New Orleans and Portland, Maine). Our Buick Enclave only had one trip to a mechanic, and the results were inconclusive and relatively inexpensive.

As I said, I will share more thoughts and feelings in the coming parts. Take a look at these maps, will you?


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Going home

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